A TALE OF TWO CITIES: On Donald Trump storming the gates of Paris and Jerusalem – by JFK Mulder

MAGADid you know that this guy pushed the enormous gates of Paris and Jerusalem open by using only these two thumbs of his?

If Middle-Eastern and Eastern countries in general have been accused in the past of being overly group and collective oriented, the West and particularly America has always been the favorite target of those who enjoy grinding an axe with individualism. If looking out for me; my and mine is one of the core orientations of citizens in the USA, few people in our own time exemplify it more clearly on the international stage than the fearless and opinionated Donald Trump.

“Are you crazy?! Everybody knows global warming to be the truth!”

“Well I don’t.”


“I said I don’t.”

“But are you crazy?!”

“You already asked that, next question.”

“Yeah but, everybody…”

“Listen here, I’m not one of your everybodies. Do you get that?”

“Oh, okay. But listen here, nobody – I mean nobody recognizes Jerusalem to be Israel’s capital city. Are you absolutely mashuganeh?

“Am I what?”

“Oh sorry, I said mashuganeh. It’s the Yiddish word for crazy.”

“Yeah, I think you already asked half of that question earlier. What’s the first part again?”

“About Jerusalem being Israel’s capital.”

“Oh yeah. That is my take on things in Israel you know.”

“Yeah but nobody agrees with you, not even the ex-Nazi country of Germany that is still so sensitive  of being accused of still being racist.”

“Oh, but I do believe Jerusalem is Israel’s capital.”

“Sorry, do you mean you really believe that?”

“Hello! Which part of my American accent renders my words unintelligible to you, huh?”


Donald Trump is clearly not afraid of swimming to the top of the global waterfall as it descends in the opposite direction.

To be honest: It’s kind of refreshing – I mean taking on the status quo.

To be more honest: If his position on these things is correct, I really hope he takes some people with him in the direction he is going because for now that isn’t happening.

But my greatest concern is how world leaders’, and in this case Donald Trump’s individualistic actions, will affect the church of Jesus Christ.

Yes, I’m a christian.

His refusal to sign the Paris accord? Though – as a South African that grew up in Pretoria during the eighties, and really impressed with what our astropreneur Elon Musk is up to, I have to say: A world that grows in consensus on anything apart from God’s holy law as the bedrock and foundation of right and wrong in our countries, leaves me reticent to embrace the equation.

Jerusalem? I am a great admirer of the Jews’ relentless and determined perseverance and drive, to reclaim what they consider to be rightfully theirs. But, taking my cue from Galatians 4 verses 25 and 26 in the Bible, I take it that Jerusalem is in bondage, for never having embraced her own Messiah.

So – still speaking as a christian, Jerusalem in Jewish or in Arab hands will remain a place of moralistic but also of hedonistic legalism as we have seen of late with the homosexual marches in that city of king David.

God bless every believer in Jesus Christ that also fulfils his or her duty to be His faithful custodian and keeper of nature. May God also bless every inhabitant of Jerusalem – all embassies included, who trust in that city’s only hope for peace. We call Him – Sar Shalom – the Prince of Peace.

So President Trump, I’m ready to write my next article.

But it’s up to you to name, and to storm the gates of your third city.

I can’t wait.

“…for this Hagar is Mount Sinai in Arabia, and corresponds to Jerusalem which now is, and is in bondage with her children – but the Jerusalem above is free which is the mother of us all…” Galatians 4 verses 25 and 26.


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