[A picture of the American popstar – Taylor Swift, that she posted on Instagram on 8 October 2018 when she revealed that she would vote for the pro-LGBTQ candidate in her home state of Tenessee in the coming mid-term elections in America]

I’m pretty sure that my eldest daughter wouldn’t want me to write this piece about one of her favourite childhood musical influences – Taylor Swift. Not because she rejects my views in this piece, but maybe more because of that thing in teenage girls wondering about what others would think of her, or say about her when her dad has something to say. But I write, because as her dad I feel some kind of responsibility, to lay my thoughts about this young American singer, out in the open. Maybe it is just to clear my mind and my heart of the dissapointment and sadness I recently came to experience, because of what I view as an unfortunate development in Taylor Swift’s image and convictions. I realize that Taylor has maybe had these convictions I’m referring to for much longer now, and that she only made them known recently.

I think it is quite important to state out right that I am not an American citizen. I do not live in America; and I consequently could not even dream of being a member of either the Democratic, or of the Republican party in that great country. I am a citizen of South Africa, and I live in Pretoria – our country’s capital. The reason I think it necessary to state this openly is because of Taylor’s recent comments and recommendations as to whom she would vote for in her home state of Tennessee, in the coming mid-term elections in the United States of America. In her words, Taylor not only rejected one candidate and indicated her preference for another. She also openly announced to all those who follow her, that she is in favor of people being gay. As a christian I sincerely view being gay, as an abomination. In other words: Those who accept the temptations and attacks of the devil, to be attracted to people of their own sex, embrace an identity that is against God’s holy law, and by doing so these people bring God’s holy judgement over them.

Well, maybe Taylor did in fact indicate that being gay is acceptable for her on her previous album – 1989 with the words “boys with boys and girls with girls”. But this time around she – commenting for the first time on issues political, showed very clearly what her inner convictions about the homosexual lifestyle are. I said earlier that these developments in Taylor’s image saddened me. The reason for this is because of the way she was invited into our home as a friendly guest. It was my daughter who first played the song “Love Story” to me quite a number of years ago. Back then my daughter almost felt as if she was the only, and the first girl, to discover Taylor’s music. Taylor’s songs were almost my daughter’s secret – you could say. A secret that wasn’t to be shared with anyone else. So Taylor has been a welcome companion and friend to my daughter for quite some time. I also think that certain aspects in the music of just being a girl, or a young lady, really positively influenced my daughter, and for that I was and still am very thankful.

As a family we try to live as christians, and so early on we tried to find out whether this American girl with the beautiful voice and very personal lyrics is also a christian, or at least what her personal convictions or life philosophy is, if she had one. We heard rumours of her having been home schooled – which might have explained her beautiful and clean image, but those were only rumours. What I found interesting was that the majority of Taylor’s songs were clean, and also spoke of human experiences and thoughts that a young girl growing up, could easily relate to.

As a dad that knows that my daughter loves Taylor’s music, I would buy books on Taylor for my daughter, and I would also surprize her with this or that album that she didn’t have yet. So, to me Taylor was innocent, and also wholesome in her influence on my daughter. But what did make me pause and wonder as time went by, was the more and more revealing clothing that Taylor would wear in her music videos – I mean she would show more of her body. When I started noticing it I warned my daughter, that that is not the chaste and modest way a christian girl should be dressing in.

Undoubtedly, being in showbiz has brought Taylor into contact with various types of people, including gay people. But approving of that life style, that I sincerely take to be an abomination, was really one too much for our household, and for our possible future with Taylor.

I am not angry at Taylor.

As my daughter’s father, I am saddened.

Saddened, because the abundance of so much beauty coming from America, has once again – and in this case in the person and music of Taylor Swift, been tinged with an unexpected bitter poison that shocked us so deeply.

May God bless the marriages of all his children in America.

May millions and millions of Taylor’s followers, have the sense and humility before God, not to follow her in this.

This is my prayer, because I love my daughter.

So here I am, writing from the most southern tip of Africa.

Thank you for listening to some of the thoughts and concerns of a dad.

Makavulele uNkulunkulu amehlo alo mculi, amen.

“Finally, brethren, whatever things are true, whatever things are noble, whatever things are just, whatever things are pure, whatever things are lovely, whatever things are of good report, if there is any virtue and if there is anything praiseworthy – meditate on these things.” The Epistle to the Philippians, chapter 4 verse 8 in the New Testament from the Holy Bible.

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